Disaster Hurricane Preparation Checklist for Business

Hurricane Safety is as important for homeowners as it is for business owners. As part of our Hurricane Preparation for Business Series, here is a general checklist of what to do before during and after a disaster:

1. Know Your Risk. Check your hurricane evacuation level and FEMA flood maps to determine if your business location is vulnerable to storm surge or freshwater flooding. Have your building(s) inspected by a licensed professional to find out if your workplace is vulnerable to hurricane force winds and what is recommended to retrofit.

2. Take the Necessary Precautions. If a storm threatens, secure your building. Cover windows. Cover and move furniture/equipment to a secured area.

3. Always Protect Your Data with Backup Files. If dependent on data processing, consider an alternate site. Make provisions for alternate communications and power.

4. Make Plans To Work With Limited Cash, No Water, Sewer or Power for Two Weeks. Store emergency supplies at the office.