Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage Repair?

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage Repair?

Homeowners insurance is a great investment for people with a house, but you should first understand what the insurance covers. You need to determine what accidents you can use your claims for and what you can reasonably expect. Here’s what homeowners insurance covers when it comes to water damage repair.

What Insurance Covers

There are different homeowner insurance plans, but most will cover the same thing: accidents inside the home that aren’t your fault. As long as the leak is in your home and you or someone in the home didn’t cause it, your insurance will likely cover home water repairs.

What Insurance Doesn’t Cover

It’s just as important to know what the normal homeowners insurance plan doesn’t cover so you can plan to repair any water damage. In most cases, insurance won’t cover repair costs for water damage restoration in Tampa for only two reasons: neglected repairs or the flooding was outside your home, and it damaged your home.

Neglected Repairs

Flooding occurs most often in homes where people don’t properly maintain their pipes and other liquid points. You should regularly inspect these dangerous spots around your home so you can catch any issues before they worsen. Regularly maintaining these parts will prevent flooding and ensure you qualify for your homeowner insurance claim.

Outside Flooding

While most water damage comes from flooding inside a structure, it sometimes comes from flooding outside the home, and the water enters the home. Sadly, most insurance policies for homeowners won’t cover these incidents and will deny your claim if you try to make one. This is important for understanding whether homeowners insurance will cover your water damage repair costs.

Understanding why people don’t qualify for coverage when they have homeowners insurance will help you avoid the same issues. By taking a proactive stance on your home maintenance, you put yourself in the prime position to take advantage of your insurance and prevent water damage from happening in the first place.