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Giving Back:
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1-800-Dry-Me-Out™, an emergency damage restoration company, believes in being a vital and committed part of the community they are in, and as a result we have made it a part of our mission to give back to our neighbors through local and national fundraising efforts.

For us, the concept of “giving back” is the cornerstone of everything we do, whether it is giving a home or business owner back their property in pristine, restored condition, or taking proactive steps to make life a little better for others in our community, 1-800-Dry-Me-Out™ holds to the belief that it is far more noble to give than to receive.

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Among the organizations
that 1-800-Dry-Me-Out™ donates to and supports

Among the organizations that 1-800-Dry-Me-Out™ donates to and supports are Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army (to name a few). Whenever possible, we donate reusable items and materials from our various jobs, as well as making financial commitments. We also believe in putting boots on the ground and donating our time and effort to such causes as the American Cancer Society, SPCA, and other charitable organizations.

Recent donations include the West Pasco Girls Fast-Pitch Softball Association, a non-profit dedicated to the children in our community by making softball, a fun, affordable, family friendly activity.

We also donated a Limo Bus to a local “Rock The Park” benefit concert event, providing some much needed shelter and dressing space for the bands and artists participating in the event.

More recently, 1-800-Dry-Me-Out™ participated in a golf tournament to raise money for the Southeastern Guide Dogs, a charity committed to training and providing guide dogs free of charge for those who may have need.

1-800-Dry-Me-Out also “took one for the team”, literally, when we participated in Dodgeball For A Cause. Team Dry Me Out played hard to raise money for the families of three local police officers who had been killed in the line of duty. 1-800-Dry-Me-Out was one of 128 teams that participated in the event, much to the appreciation of the families of Officers Jeffrey Yaslowitz, Tom Baitinger, and David Crawford. More than $23,000 was raised for the Sun Coast Law Enforcement Charities.

In keeping with who we are and what we do, 1-800-Dry-Me-Out™ sponsored a “Secret Restoration Project” contest, with one community nominee winning a free property restoration. The Good Samaritan Health Clinic was the winner of the restoration, chosen for their commitment to providing free medical and dental care to those in need for over 20 years.

1-800-Dry-Me-Out™ believes in providing quality, courteous, and efficient service, a job done right the first time, returning your home to better than new condition. But that is only a part of our mission. The other part is recognizing where else in our community that we may be of assistance, providing the means through which the lives of others may be enriched.