In Florida, mold is a constant threat due to the levels of humidity commonly found in some areas, as well as the damage that is often inflicted by any of the major weather systems and storms that strike the state almost every year.  The good news is that mold can at least be kept at bay by making us of a few easy to apply methods.
Mold is a nuisance to be sure, but at worst it can be a health hazard, so it is better to deal with it now as opposed to when it becomes a major problem.

  1. Use your AC wisely, namely setting it to run continuously at a lower speed, as this will do more when it comes to dehumidifying your home as opposed to allowing the system to cycle on and off throughout the day.
  2. Service your HVAC equipment. Doing this every spring before summer heat sets in will make sure that your unit is functioning at peak efficiency.
  3. Address any and all water problems. If you know you have leaks, get them fixed. The problem will not get better on its own, and water accumulation is a sure fire draw for mold to begin growing.
  4. Keep your home dry. A lot of activities such as showering or cooking produce moisture, so crank up the exhaust fans to get rid of it. They should channel the moisture outside as opposed to your attic or any other interior space.
  5. Invest in a dehumidifier. These units can be brought to bear in any location where humidity or excess moisture is a problem. Many models have sensors that read humidity levels and adjust their function accordingly.
  6. Have proper ventilation. Proper air circulation is key to removing moisture problems, so make sure your home is open and the air keeps moving.  Dryers should vent moisture outdoors.
  7. Check the foundation. Keeping this part of your home dry is paramount when it comes to keeping moisture out of the home, and make sure the ground around the foundation slopes away from the structure.

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