Living in Florida, it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that you will have to deal with water damage problems at some point in your tenure as homeowners. If you aren’t hammered by the most recent hurricane or tropical storm to come out of the region, you still have to worry about severe weather such as thunderstorms, or even more domestic problems such as burst pipes or other household disasters, any one of which may leave your home in a mess.

Water damage is one of those things that cannot be waited out. It needs to be addressed quickly if you want to avoid unsightly stains, nasty, musty smells, or worse, long term problems with mold and mildew. Unfortunately, many people are unprepared for such an eventuality, and when it finally occurs, they have no idea who they should call first to correct the problem. What ends up happening is that they call the first person they find in the phone listings, or the first person whose ad pops up on Google, all without checking to see if that company is qualified to work on their home.

Unqualified companies can easily make a bad situation worse, doubling or even tripling your repair costs without actually solving the problem. These companies are quite numerous due to the largely unregulated industry allowing pretty much anyone to strap on a mop and claim that they are in the business of water damage repair and restoration.

Qualified companies will be certified by industry leaders such as the Clean Trust and the Restoration Industry Association. They will have taken the time to make sure that their employees and technicians are properly trained in all areas of the restoration process, with extensive experience, and prepared to handle even the largest cases of water damage or other similar scenarios. They will be available 24/7 and all work will be guaranteed.

So the next time your home is damaged by water, don’t settle. Look for the company with the Clean trust certification seal.

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Advanced Restoration, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Fire Water Damage Restoration Company in Port Richey, FL
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