Water Damage And Wood

Water damage can wreak major havoc on most any home, regardless of the type of construction. One thing they all have in common is the need for water restoration to begin immediately in order to minimize the level of damage to the home. Home construction and other items made from wood are especially susceptible to long term damage by water.

Wood is porous, which means it can absorb a great deal of water. Left unattended, the wood will eventually become soft and weak. This can be devastating if the wood in question is a part of the basic support structure of the home or business.  The end result may be the structure becoming unsound and prone to collapse.

Worse, wet wood provides the excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew, and while removing mold is a difficult job, successfully removing mold from wood is all but impossible. Wooden components or items may have to be professionally treated in order to make sure that all traces of mold are successfully removed.

In many cases, the use of air circulation is required to completely dry out water damaged wood. It will require a deep cleaning drying process in order to remove all traces of moisture from the wood, as this is the only manner available to ensure that there is no residual moisture left to provide a basis for mold growth. It is important to remember that water damage will not improve on its own; there has to be proactive treatment of the damage to ensure effective results.

Take the time to inspect your home on a regular basis for signs of water damage, particularly in areas composed of wood construction.  Once water damage is discovered, act promptly to dry the damaged area out and treat the wood to make sure there are no long term aftereffects.

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