When it comes to water damage, washing machines routinely rank in the Top 10 when it comes to possible causes. Most water damage cases end up costing around $5000 after the deductible has been paid out, and in most cases, the water supply hose was the chief cause of the problem. Water damage tends to occur with washing machines when they are around ten years old.

Water damage from a washing machine may occur in a number of ways, such as an overflow as the result of too much detergent or cleaner, as well as a clog in the drainage filter. Incoming and outgoing water lines may also be compromised and cause damage, and these are capable of delivering a large amount of water to your floor within a very short time.

Washers of any type should be checked regularly for signs of wear, and any maintenance done as it is required. Hoses may be blistered, worn, or cracked, and the connections may have worked their way loose over time. Tighten any connection that has become loose, since broken connections are the leading cause of washing machine related water damage. Replacement hoses should be of the reinforced steel braided variety, designed for long term maximum performance.

Replace the hoses every five years or so, even if there is no sign of visible damage. Remember that wear is most likely to occur from the inside out, and by the time it is visible, damage may already have been done elsewhere due to leaks or breaks.

If water damage has already occurred, and the washing machine is the culprit, then the machine will need to be moved in order to make sure everything is properly dried up and cleaned. You should not leave water standing under your appliances as this will cause the onset of mold to develop.

Make sure the water is shut off at the source during this time, since failure to do so will only result in more water getting into the property. The water restoration process should begin immediately.

To keep the problem of water damage at bay, never overload a machine, and always make sure that the cleaner you are using is acceptable for the type of machine you have. Someone should always be at home when the machine is running, to allow for the catching of any problems that may arise as the result of a connection or appliance failure.

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