Residents throughout Florida are at much higher risk of flooding than many parts of the country, due in no large part to the fact that for six months out of every year they are under the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes, either one of which can bring torrential rains and considerable storm surge to various communities. The flooding and the damage left behind can be almost unfathomable, but sad to say, it is only the beginning of homeowners problems.

For starters, flood damage does not and will never improve on its own. Quite the contrary, flood damage only gets worse with time. The water has to be removed and the area dried out before any meaningful repair and restoration work can be done. What’s worse, flooding nearly always provides a means through which mod can get into your home or business, establish itself, and begin presenting its own unique brand of problems, such as allergic reactions, skin irritations, neurological disorders and respiratory issues.

Once any flood damage has been taken care of, the structure should be examined for signs of mold. If it is found in one area, chances are it is located throughout the home. While smaller infestations may be taken care of using commercially available mold removal products, larger growths and serious infestations require the service of a mold remediation professional.

Mold pros should be able to provide you with a detailed plan for not only killing off the mold that is found, but also properly treating the affected area to make sure the problem does not return. This means cleaning and sanitizing the area, improving the ventilation, and lowering relative humidity levels to a point somewhere around 40-45%. Remember it is never enough to just kill mold, and any mold professional worth his title will be able to tell you exactly how they plan to prevent a repeat performance.

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