Mold Problems Following Storm Damage

If you are going to experience any sort of mold problem, one of the most likely times is right after a major storm. During periods of severe weather, any leak that already exists is going to allow more water into your home, and the storm may open up new leaks that go undetected for an extended period. In fact, most home leaks are not discovered through any sort of proactive inspection, but rather when the damage caused by the leak has grown to the point where considerable damage has already been done.

Once your home or business has been walloped by some bad weather, take a few minutes to look around. Inspect the roof and look for signs of damaged or missing shingles and flashing. Check your ceiling for any of the telltale stains or runs or discoloring that always accompanies water damage. Perhaps there are leaks or dampness around your windows or flooring.

Remember that once water gets in your home, it only has to sit for about 72 hours before the first traces of mold show up. Once there, the spread of mold is quite rapid, and within a matter of days may require professional mold remediation to get rid of it. For this reason alone it is important to conduct a thorough investigation of your home following any and all cases of severe weather. Look for any signs of damage which may have allowed access to your home’s interior by water.

Not only is inspecting the roof important, and this is easily done from the outside, but it should also be inspected from the inside. Climbing around in a cramped attic is nobody’s idea of a good time, but it is the only thorough measure for determining if there is a leak. If you are in your attic and can, at any point, see daylight through the roof, then you have a problem. Fix it rapidly. Your roof is your first best line of defense against the elements, and if it has been compromised, then you are going to continue to have problems until it is fixed.

Don’t let mold gain a foothold on your home. Start your home inspection today.

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