Checking Homes For Water Damage

Living in an area like Redington Beach Shore can be a dream come true, however, living so close to the water can have its drawbacks. For starters, you’re at ground zero for any major storm that comes ashore, you’re in an area that may flood easily in the event of a tropical storm or other […]

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Water Damage And Wood

Water damage can wreak major havoc on most any home, regardless of the type of construction. One thing they all have in common is the need for water restoration to begin immediately in order to minimize the level of damage to the home. Home construction and other items made from wood are especially susceptible to […]

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Eliminating The Mold Threat

For a state that is as prone to severe storms and other disagreeable weather as Florida, the threat of mold remains very real throughout much of the year. Once mold gets a foothold in the home, it is there to stay until significant steps are taken to remove it and treat the area in order […]

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Salvaging Your Carpets

For so many homes, the presence of carpet is an attractive and value enhancing amenity, designed to increase the level of comfort in the residence, as well as adding value to the price of the property.  Over time, carpets may be worn or damaged for a variety of reasons, most of which may be cleaned […]

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Signs Of Lower Level Water Damage

Multilevel homes are always great when it comes to having additional space for storage or living quarters. They also have less of a footprint on whatever lot they are constructed on, which means that more may be built in a given area. The downside is that in the event of flooding, the lower level is […]

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Mold Damage and Home Renovations

With home prices at all time lows, many homeowners are taking advantage of the current downturn to perform some much needed renovation on their property, while others are picking up properties are drastically reduced prices, fixing them up, and then (hopefully) reselling them for a nice profit. Unfortunately, once this project gets rolling, there are […]

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Hurricane Season Expected to Ramp Up Its Last Half

Hurricane Season 2012 got off to an early start this year, with two storms (Alberto and Beryl) forming before the official start of the severe weather period that runs from June through November. Things have been somewhat quiet in recent weeks, however forecasters are predicting that conditions are ripe for a sudden surge of storms […]

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Team 1-800-DRY-ME-OUT: Car Race Results August 11

Race Results…. The #13 Dry-Me-Out, King of Wraps Mini Stock hit the track this past Saturday night with driver Steve White finally getting his chance at that first race.  Steve started 4th in the qualifying race and got shuffled back on a bobbled start by the leaders.  He battled back and finished back in 4th. […]

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Team 1-800-DRY-ME-OUT: Car Turmoil at Second Race

Here is an update on Team 1-800-DRY-ME-OUT’s second race with driver Steve White on August 4, 2012:   Steve White had an up and down day for his racing debut.  The car cut out in practice and Steve wasn’t able to turn any hot laps. The team fixed the issue and got Steve ready for […]

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How Mold Affects The Value Of Your Home

Homeowners have enough headaches to worry about when putting a house on the market. In today’s real estate game, market values are at all time lows, and many homeowners don’t have a prayer of getting out from under these single biggest purchases that any one person can make. If you do manage to get a […]

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